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hr outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is a process in which an organisation engages services of HR Specialist to support the in house HR Department. Such an arrangement enables organisations to concentrate on their core business activities and thereby optimise their resources. This also aids in improving quality and overall efficiency of the client’s HR Department and in turn of the organisation.

Qualified and experienced personnel deputed by us to work in the client’s organisation, under our overall guidance and subject to your administrative control, make this arrangement extremely functional, responsive and dependable.

Labour Law is a very wide subject, increasingly complex and time consuming, in view of the fact that the labour laws evolve constantly. Add to that, court judgements and changing industrial practices. Applicability of labour laws depends on various factors eg. nature of business, no. of people employed, the place of undertaking etc. Its implementation calls for specialised knowledge. We lend our expertise and guide your organisation for ensuring diligent compliance with the applicable labour laws.

Engaging a vendor (contractor) to meet the staff requirements in the designated areas makes for time and cost effectiveness to the employer, thereby improving profitability. Candidates identified by the Client organisation are appointed on our payroll but work at their premises. We issue them the appointment letter giving details of remuneration and the applicable terms and conditions of employment. We ensure their timely salary payments and cover them under ESI, PF, Contract Labour (R & A) Act etc. Flexibility in employing the workforce and disengaging them as per the business requirements, without inviting IR issues, is very crucial for any business.

Payroll Processing is a vital function of HR in any organisation. Our experience in HR gives us an edge in processing payroll of our clients, including timely disbursements of remuneration, compliance with ESI, PF etc. leaving a satisfying experience for employer and employees.

Right candidate for the right job results in win-win situation for the employer and the employee. With our expertise and in-house data bank we help employer in identifying the right candidate for the job. We ease the process of our client by taking the responsibility of sourcing the candidates, screening them and lastly referring short-listed candidates matching the profile specified. This not only saves the employer valuable time but also saves money which he would have spend on advertisements, screening the applications, arranging the interviews etc.

Discipline is essential for achieving the organisation’s objectives. Without discipline no enterprise would prosper. We advice appropriate corrective course of action, when an employee errs. This will cover issuance of memo, charge sheet and conducting enquiry, in keeping with the law.

Over period, lifestyle and expectations of employees have undergone a sea change, while employers find themselves in tough competitive market situation. Resolving workers disputes through negotiations have become increasingly complex and is time consuming. We assist and advise you in conducting these negotiations, either mutually or before the prescribed Authorities.

Employers have onerous task of complying with the plethora of labour enactments, which is a complex area. Periodic audit helps employer in understanding the status of compliance and course correction, whenever required. Labour Law audit proves its importance in promoting cordial relations between employer and employees. Also employees show sense of satisfaction when the employer is Labour Law compliant. It is also considered an important component of CSR as well as a requirement to meet the stringent ISO norms. We have on board team to carry out this important activity.

Obtaining licences is dicey and time consuming, not to speak of the red tape involved. With our collective experience in the field, we are in a better position to assist our client in this work, keeping in mind the importance of time frame.